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Remembering Rob Cohen


 Remembering Rob Cohen


One of the founders and proprietors of Conrads, Rob Cohen passed away on April 2nd from pancreatic cancer. Conrads is actively working to remember Rob while we also raise money for the Wexner Medical Center and the James Cancer Hospital in his honor. In the meantime we've invited those of you who knew Rob to leave comments below on the page with your memories. For those of you who didn't know Rob please read below:

"Maybe you didn't know who Rob Cohen was, but chances are you bumped into him at some time through the years. Cohen, who passed away on April 2, 2022 was one of the proprietors of Conrads College Gifts, the iconic Buckeye gift store located on Lane Ave. across from St. John Arena for decades. And for the majority of those decades, Rob was there working. There are very few of us Buckeyes who did not stop by the shop through the years. Rob finally succumbed to a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer. While that particular form of cancer is a tough one to fight, I actually thought he had licked it. But in the end the disease proved tougher than even Rob. In all the time he was battling, I never heard him complain. He just kept fighting.

The Cohens starting with the late patriarch and matriarch Jack and Violet Cohen, and extending to Rob's brothers and sisters have always been like family to me. They were always concerned about me and my own family but also quick to let me know, like family members do, when they were unhappy with me about something. Accordingly, the loss of Rob is a tough one for me. I will try to be inspired by his courage and fight, and I will certainly miss him."

- Frank Moskowitz
Publisher, Buckeye Sports Bulletin  

Rob was instrumental in Conrads' success throughout the years, including creating the one of the first ever web stores, which went online in the late 90s - before most of us even know what internet would become - Rob had a vision. 

While we work to establish a memorial fund, please feel free to donate to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network if you so wish, to help fight and end pancreatic cancer. 

Thank you,

The Cohen Family

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