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Advantage Club

Conrads College Gifts wants you to have the advantage, the Alumni Club Advantage!
You and your fellow club members can save 10% all future orders
and remit those savings to benefit your Alumni Club.
With the Alumni Club Advantage, you can save online and even in the store. No purchase is necessary to apply, and Conrads will never sell, rent, or share your alumni club information with any third parties.
Looking for the Conrads Club?
Frequently Asked Questions
What benefits does my alumni club get from signing up?
Every member gets a unique code for 10% off every order in-store or online. The idea is that the alumni club members will use this savings and then donate that savings to their alumni club. To make this easy we highlight the savings on your receipt.

We also offer fundraising opportunities to qualified Alumni Clubs. By using a special code at checkout, your alumni club will be able to net 10% of sales for that day made by members of the club. We can provide a special link for your website to have the code automatically applied to your members’ shopping carts.
What do I need to do to sign my alumni club up?
You must be a qualified member of your alumni club. You must be permitted to act on behalf of the other members in your alumni club. Some alumni clubs have by-laws prohibiting their presidents, administrators, or other officers from engaging in certain marketing activities.

Your alumni club must be an official registered alumni club with The Ohio State University. Conrads College Gifts encourages you to notify your club members prior to signing up.
What happens after my alumni club signs up?
After you receive confirmation that your alumni club has been accepted into the program, we will send you a flyer to email to all of your members explaining how the program works, and a link for them to sign up. Note: All members must sign up on their own to get their unique discount code.