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Ohio State Buckeyes Athletic O Golf Balls Sleeve - 3 Pack

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Bring your A-game onto the course with this Ohio State Buckeyes Golf Ball Sleeve. It comes with 3 top quality golf balls with On-Ball Putt Technology (OPT) that will change your game for the better. Linkswalker provides you with great quality items that will both improve your game and help you spread Buckeyes pride. Each ball features the Ohio State Buckeyes Athletic O logo, as well as markings that allow you to visually line up the direction of the putt with the ball. 

These USGA Conforming golf balls will shave strokes off your game with their first use. Its OPT allows you to have a new visual focus point in your mind to align the putter face to as you stroke through the putt. This pack makes the perfect gift for the Buckeyes fan in your life.


  • 3 top quality, long-range accuracy golf balls 
  • Ohio State Buckeyes Athletic O logos in true team colors
  • On-Ball Putt Technology allows you to visually line up the putt and ball, and square up your putter face
  • Weighs 0.4 pounds
  • USGA Conforming

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