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Middie Magic and Mind Magic Hardcover Book By Jerry Lucas

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What you are about to read may well be the most enjoyable, informative and inspirational book you’ll read this year; if not for many years. It’s a story that takes place in a seemingly simpler time…“a lifetime ago;” and yet is a story that is timeless in its message. At a time in which America seems to be hopelessly divided, increasingly coarse, crude and mean-spirited, this is a uniquely All-American story about an All-American kid who was a product of an All-American city. This All-American kid was surrounded by other All-American kids, and influenced by All-American teachers, coaches, business people, steel workers and family members…of all backgrounds, cultures and races. I believe it to be a story that if truly understood has the answers for a divided, bewildered and beleaguered America.

Along the way you’ll meet not only the “star” of the story but also an unforgettable cast of characters. You’ll never know what J.B. might say next (…and even if you do, you may not understand it)! You’ll learn how grandmothers cheat at cards and get away with it. You’ll get a glimpse of the sacrifices made by parents, factory workers, street cleaners and many others…who collectively make our lives better. You’ll be encouraged to know that hard work and diligence do in fact “pay off.”

This story is really a combination of three of my favorite sports movies: The Sandlot that brought the hijinks of urban kids to the screen; the pathos of how a unique coach and special players made Hoosiers a modern retelling of David and Goliath; and how the commitment, character and faith of individual Olympians made Chariots of Fire the Academy Award winner for film of the year. You’ll laugh out loud at kids being kids; you’ll cheer the mighty Middies overcoming all comers; you’ll be moved to renew your own commitment to character and faith development.

Most of all you’ll get to know the life of one of the most exceptional people I’ve ever had the privilege to know. Yes, you’ll get an inside look at one of only three men who have won a high school state championship; the NCAA championship; Olympic Gold and the NBA championship. Yes, you’ll get plenty of basketball including all the records set and held by the author of this book, but more importantly you’ll learn how all that came about. What started as “Middie Magic” prepared the way for “Mind Magic” and a revolutionary learning system that has the potential to change education forever. Most important to me and to the author, you’ll read the story of the author’s coming to a personal faith in Jesus and how that changed his and many other lives forever.

So make sure you sit back in a comfy chair, because when you start to read this book, you’ll not soon put it down. May the magic begin…



Jerry Lucas was a phenomenal athlete and basketball player. He was a cerebral player on the court, and simply a very intelligent individual off it. He became known as Dr. Memory. Among the many amazing things Jerry did was to memorize part of the New York telephone book. He made a presentation to my wife Barbara and me in our home that definitely made us believers in his methods. His learning methods to teach kids are revolutionary and certainly should be taken seriously.

Jerry played for the Middletown Middies on one of the greatest basketball teams in state history. They won 76 games in a row until Jerry’s team played Barbara’s high school, Columbus North, in the finals of his senior year. In 1956, when Jerry was a sophomore, and I was a junior, I went with my father to Cleveland and watched Jerry’s team play Cleveland East Tech in the state semifinals. Jerry averaged about 30 points a game, but if I recall, he had something like 53 points in that game and set a record for a state finals. At 6’ 8”, Jerry was by no means small, but he was battling an East Tech lineup that went 6’ 9”, 6’ 8”, 6’ 8”, 6’ 7” and 6’ 4”, and the 6’ 4” player went on to be captain of Michigan State’s basketball team.

Jerry was just a tremendous player! As we all know, Jerry went on to Ohio State, and along with John Havlicek and Bobby Knight, was a centerpiece to a national championship team. It would be an understatement to say that Jerry Lucas was a winner - in basketball and in life.

I highly recommend Middie Magic and Mind Magic. You will enjoy a unique time in history when Jerry and I were teenagers. We will never see and experience those times again, but Jerry has brought it back to life in a unique perspective, and you will enjoy many belly laughs as you become acquainted with his teammates and friends. You will also learn how his lifetime of dedication has changed the way children will learn in the future, and have fun doing it.

Jack Nicklaus